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Jaco and has much the central Pacific area to offer!
Candles SOME are Tomas Throughout the year. This region is best known for its breastplate, the great Cuban and roosterfish, but there are also tuna, golden, marlin sails there.

Pez Gallo: The Coastal Fishing of this species is little less than the Impact of the Best Scatter Places Incredible of the Rivers and the Rocky Mouths. Exceptional at the mouth of the Parrita river; Palo Seco between Parrita and Damas; On the outskirts of Damascus; The mouth of the Naranjo River; Fishing is better During the summer months, June to September has Principles.

Sailfish: A Mid-December end of April is considered the best season, but The Schools have a large the Often Move in October and More Time. Sails SOME is always shown Among the catches of June of September, mixed with those of other species if they find in Coast During THOSE months.

TUNA: IF YOU FIND ALL YEARS, as you are along the Pacific Coast, but most abundant from June to September. The majority of Eight sound 15 pounds, but One or more Dozen 200 is Take Each Year.

Dorado: The Best Action Begins with WINTER RAINS that have final Begin May and wash the debris of the Bocas de Los Ríos, creating the coastal garbage lines to which the dolphin is lying down.

Marlin: October is normally the Highest for the marlin in this area, but also the Action is good in November and September. The Blues from time to time there is a Bizarre Black can FIND at any Time of the Year.
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