Restaurants in Jaco Costa Rica

8 Sweet Jaco Restaurants, you should visit!

Food is truly one of those few things, which can best define the culture and tradition of any given place. Flaunting the intricate local flavors at its best, any well planned out vacation is almost bland until you have tasted the local delicacies. Costa Rica is one of those few places on earth which has still managed to hold on to its roots through its food and flavors, after centuries of invasions and colonization.

Displaying this never-ending love affair with the traditional Calypso flavor which the world has come to love, and what better place than Jaco Beach to experience these century-old culinary craftsmen, which can make anyone fall in love with their cuisine. So, to help you get a better taste of Jaco, Costa Rica, we have listed seven must-see restaurants and eateries worth visiting while in Jaco, so that you don’t miss out on a great cross-section of the local flavors.

1. Hotel Poseidon, Restaurant and Bar – Experience our full provider bar and restaurant 7 days a week, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am-10pm.

As a guest of the resort Poseidon, you’ll revel in a complimentary complete warm Breakfast each morning in our eating place. We include fresh, Costa Rican coffee and orange juice. The breakfast options protected with your room price consist of: Gallo Pinto and Eggs, Homestyle Breakfast, Tico Breakfast Burrito, Pancakes, French Toast, Continental Breakfast or Breakfast Sandwich. This protected Breakfast is served from 7am-11am. Our full Breakfast menu is served from 7am-2pm each day.

Poseidon restaurant has been serving consistantly clean and exciting food for over 15 years! The newly Air Conditioned restaurant is a large hit with both the locals and vacationers as an area to come and relax and get away from the heat of Jaco.

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2. Graffiti Restro Cafe and Wine Bar – If you are looking to experience the true magic of Jaco, then The Graffiti Restro Cafe and Wine Bar is the best place for you and your family. Offering a variety of dishes which includes from sushi made from the first catch of the day, vegetarian dishes made from the locally grown vegetables and the in house specialty of coffee rubbed beef tenderloins and the smoothest tuna tartare, Graffiti is surely one place that no one would want to miss out on.

3. Adventurous Dining – Set beside one of the most beautiful Jaco shorelines with a picture perfect view of a natural waterfall, Adventure Dining is truly one of the best Jaco restaurants. Requiring 24 hour advance booking, be well prepared to experience that mesmerizing Calypso flavor at its best. With a beautiful flower decorated tables and beach side Tiki lamps, this gorgeous restaurant is one of the best places where you can spend a very special evening with your beloved. Offering one of the widest range of seafood which includes fish and gulf shrimps and unlimited dinner time wine, Adventure Dining surely gives that much needed adventure with the classic Calypso style food that everyone is on the lookout for.

4. Cacao Lounge CR – Costa Rica’s love affair with chocolate is infamous the world over and what better place to experience this age old love for chocolate than the Cacao Lounge CR. Located around the corner of the popular Pacific Center Plaza, this exotic dessert shop is more than enough to satisfy that sweet tooth. Offering some of the best chocolate based desserts, ice cream, confectioneries, hand made by the owner herself, this is truly one place where you won’t regret visiting. The highlight of the Cacao Lounge CR is perhaps the traditional strawberry cheesecake and pies, which comes as one of the finest contrast to those heavenly chocolates.

5. Wahoo`s Bar & Restaurant – If you are on the lookout to get one of the best breakfasts in town or simply catch a late night dinner with your family, then Wahoos Bar & Restaurant is the best place to be. The best part about this restaurant is that you not only get to experience that authentic Calypso flavor, but you also get to know the exact time of when your food was caught. Assuring their guests with only the highest quality, Wahoo`s Bar & Restaurant serves up some of the finest seafood, chicken and beef dishes you can ever come across. Coming in as a mid to high ranged Jaco restaurant, Wahoo`s is surely a place that is well worth the visit.

6. Caliche’s Wishbone – Offering some of the finest Pacific/Mexican style vegetarian food, Caliche’s Wishbone is surely one of the best places to experience that pure uncorrupted Pacific flavor. Prepared by the owner Caliche herself who is popularly known as the Ambassador of Costa Rica, Caliche’s Wishbone is one of those few places that even the local can’t seem to resist. Made from some of the freshest vegetables and fruits you can ever come across, Caliche always takes that extra effort to provide you with only the healthiest and most affordable menu in all of Jaco. Avoiding lard, preservatives, fillers, completely, if you are looking for a healthy and homelike place to eat, then Caliche’s Wishbone is the place for you.

7. The Coffee Shop – Costa Ricas love for coffee is perhaps one of those things which has managed to make them one of the largest producers of the exotic Arabica Coffee beans and The Coffee Shop is one of those places which manages to display this love for coffee the best. For those who might not know as to what exactly Arabica coffee is, then it is one of those beans which is only found in the highest quality of coffee’s around the world and is a trademark Costa Rican favorite. Serving some of the best cups of coffee that you can ever come across, combined with some of the most delicious baked good, there is no better way to start your day than with The Coffee Shop. Offering their guests breakfast, brunch and lunch, this Costa Rican power house has truly managed to cement its name as one of the most popular coffee spots in Jaco, Costa Rica.

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8. Panaderia Artesanal – It is believed that whatever the world does, French do it better and giving life to this age old saying is Panaderia Artesanal. Serving French/Costa Rican style breakfast, brunch and lunch, don’t hesitate to indulge yourself into one of the finest restaurants for budget eating in all of Jaco. Offering one of the finest combinations of French baked goods with the traditional Costa Rican twist and a wide range of juices made from the locally grown fresh fruits, Panaderia Artesanal serves up one of the healthiest dishes which can satisfy even the most health conscious. But perhaps the highlight of this beautiful French restaurant is the delicious coffee that they serve, which is made from the finest hand picked coffee beans from the local Costa Rican coffee plantations, which goes best with the finest baked French buns.

Well, there is your 7 nice places to check out, but there are dozens more,fine places to eat some great food here in Jaco, feel free to browse all the different Jaco restaurant categories, onsite, to find whatever flavor you`re looking for in a restaurant!

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