Costa Rica Bachelor Party Planning

Planning your Best Bachelor Party

Everyone can help in planning the best destination and package for your group. We are here to help in any way we can, customers have told us the VIP experts. We had several groups that tell us that we will never go to Las Vegas or New York again. They spent half the money and had twice the amount of pleasure in Costa Rica.

The VIP boyfriend
The Boyfriend may be doubt on to go to Costa Rica or not, but he must believe us. The people here are very friendly and have help in planning ensures that very well.

All have their expectations
We must talk about people who think everyone, but especially the groom. Once we arrived at the end of a package for your group, it is best to talk by phone. We always like to make sure all the bases are covered.
Kith and kin
Your party consists of all types and ages surely, so please talk to and make sure that everyone understands that a bachelor party in Costa Rica can be a great opportunity to see this beautiful country. There is something for everyone and there is always a list of things, so we will try to meet the expectations.
Cost and Budget
We can organize a party on a budget or we can have a week so outrageously fancy party for your group. We have several apartments, private villas and beach house, golf or mountain jungle. We deal with all visits to SUA and even hire a cook, waitress, bartenders and a masseur. Our drivers / personal advisers are first class so that they are able to meet all requests while you are here.

Costa Rica Bachelor party

Planning activities

There are so many things to do here in Costa Rica and a long weekend in the very quick stop. So plan ahead is important and the best of everything booked in advance. There are several companies that offer the same, but only a few are real experts and they love what they do. We are here for 15 years, when we started fishing with excuriones, and we know that this business. In all other tours like zip line, rafting and mountain biking, we choose the best, something that always give thanks to the return of the tour.
There is so much that, besides drinking, partying and dating beautiful women. The nightlife is amazing and you can spend all the clubs and bars afternoon and evening. If you decide not to include a chef in your package, you can find many good restaurants to visit and help you choose the best ..
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